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You could earn more with your expertise! Is this you?

  • You are a service based entrepreneur, expert, coach or consultant, but you’re not earning what you want to earn yet.
  • You have any kind of expertise that really helps businesses or individuals to great results. No matter if it is in a hard or soft industry.
  • You can’t figure out how exactly other experts, consultants and coaches are reaching a really good income without the overwhelm.
earn more with your expertise meer verdienen met je expertise

And you want…

meer verdienen met je expertise
  • You want consistently to attract more of your ideal clients.
  • Within 6 to 12 months from now, you want to earn more and have a consistent income. You want to feel in control of your finances. You’re at peace, you can pay all your bills in time. You can save money, travel and help your loved ones.
  • You want to make progress fast without any further time loss caused by information programs that have no personal feedback and do not really help you anyway.
  • You are determined to really take action NOW and boost your income to an income of 75.000€ (starting phase) than quickly to 100.000€ or more per year after that.
  • You want more time for yourself and you want a balanced work/life equation, so you are not overworked and overwhelmed so much.

Maybe you still struggle with…

  • You don’t dare to charge what you should. You may even not know exactly what you could or should charge.
  • You are overwhelmed with marketing and social media strategies. You didn’t find that exact, simple but effective client attraction strategy yet that works for you in your specific situation.
  • You have conversations with potential clients, but you struggle to make them say ‘YES’ to you and your services.
overweldigd door marketing

My business coaching gets you…

You will get specific results (If you are coachable and you take action):

  • Clarity about your unique expertise (you have more expertise than you think..)
  • You will know who your ideal clients are (Niche)
  • You will have created Your Irresistible Marketing Message and know perfectly what to say when people ask you ‘What do you do?”.
  • You will have designed your own simple but very successful Business Model, adapted at where you are right now
  • You will Create, Price and market your Own Signature Program(s) so you can earn much more without the work overload
  • You will Attract your ideal clients with grace and ease with a simple but effective marketing system that works specifically for you.
  • Learn how to get these potential clients say yes to your services (and get the word-for-word script for your structured sales conversations)

Book Your FREE 30 Minutes Income Breakthrough Strategy Session HERE.

expert profitability

How can you work with me?

Private Intensives for quick results on specific topics like :

intensieve coaching
  • Define Your Expertise & Personal Branding
  • Choose Your Niche Wisely and Know Your Ideal Clients
  • Create Your Attractive Answer On ‘What Do You Do?’
  • Design Your Own Signature System
  • How To Package, Price & Sell Your Expertise into A High-End Program
  • How To Charge for your services and make that your clients want to pay your fees
  • Create Your Own VIP day (one-day-intensive where your clients gets fast result)
  • Create Your Own Business Model and Structure Of Offerings

Recently I had a VIP Private Intensive Coaching Day with Isabelle Verhelst. This very professional designed and comfortabele day of reflection totally met my expectations and beyond. Isabelle understands the art to identify and coach you on important questions and challenges in your business in an open and calm manner.

This dialogue makes you think differently about your approach, your added value, your target group, your bottom line and profit, etc.

Her remarks and insights invite you to leave your comfort zone and think deeper, more critical about new ways and possibilities. In her coaching role, she knows to see through the so called evidences and makes you see and recognize the not evident.

If you want to be inspired by a pleasant and professional business coach, and you want more profitability in your business, than I highly advice a VIP Private Intensive Coaching Day with Isabelle. You won’t regret it!

Jo De Bruyn

Owner and General Manager of In Concreto (Expert in Business Events)

2. My Step-By-Step 1-on-1 Coaching Program (6-months):

“Make More Income With Your Expertise In 30 Working Hours Or Less Per Week.”

I help you personally to Create Your Own Successful Business Model AND help you implement every step of it so you can start making a great income and attract your ideal clients with ease and grace.

Verdien meer met je expertise

Learn and Implement Step-By-Step How To Define, Package & Sell Your Expertise With The Exact Lucrative Business Model That Fits Your Business & Personality.

This program has 5 steps:

  1. Define, Brand & Position Your Expertise
  2. Create Your Lucrative Business Model
  3. Pack Your Expertise Into Your Own Signature Program
  4. Attract Your Ideal Clients With Easy Marketing Strategies That Work
  5. Sell Without Being ‘Salesy’

This program is run throughout the year and applications are accepted at any time.

Book Your FREE 30 Minutes Income Breakthrough Strategy Session HERE.

expert profitability

This is for you:

strategy session
  • If you think ‘Yes, Isabelle! This sounds like the exact help I want and I would like to hear more specifics about it in a conversation with you..’
  • If you are determined to invest in yourself with professional business coaching so you can really grow in your business fast and start making great income with your expertise in a way that you love.
  • If you decided firmly to take action NOW to grow your business.. and not procrastinate anymore
  • If you are a do-er and not a tire-kicker.
  • If you can let go of the bright-shiny objects syndrome and stop buying information programs that are not effective anyway.
  • If you are coachable and eager to learn (no matter how experienced you may be)

Than I would like to offer you my FREE 30 minute Income Breakthrough Strategy Session where we discover where you are right now, where you want to go and what first step(s) would be perfect for YOU right now. We than can discuss if we are a fit to work together or not. I only want to work with people when I’m convinced I really can help them with their business.

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