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Happy Client Testimonials

"My seemingly coincidental encounter with Isabelle quickly led to an eye-opening coaching and brainstorming session. Isabelle has the gift to quickly assess the unique strengths of a person or project. She takes a helicopter view in no time and comes up with surprising, creative ideas to use these assets (even) more successfully, in a way that benefits everyone.

Isabelle has a unique and humane view on marketing and doing business, in which authenticity and win-win solutions for customers and entrepreneurs are central.

Together with the entrepreneur, she is not only building a concept; she also focuses on her/his work life balance.

She helps entrepreneurs build their project on foundations that promise maximum quality of life, thereby ensuring that the success and unique added value of the project can develop to the maximum.

In short, Isabelle is a commercial natural talent and a humanitarian visionary, helping entrepreneurs to identify innovative breakthroughs in a short period of time.

Natalie De Beul"

"The business coaching that Isabelle does, is the best that I experienced in de long 15 year carrier that I had at the Bank where I knew a lot of consultants and coaches.

Isabelle is a real professional, very knowledgeable and skillful.  As a human being, she is special, very empathic and soulful.

Her Unique Step-by-Step Program ‘Better Monetize Your Expertise' has already brought structure in my mind, clarity in my business.  It made sure I had the right business profile and branding, that is totally aligned with who I really am.

Now I built a strong foundation for my business that will boost me forward. Thanks to Isabelle and her Program, I gained a clear insight in my expertise and found the right words to communicate about it. It helped me enormously to develop my own step-by-step system and to create my own High End Program. I would never have had such a professional result in such a little time, if it weren't for the training and coaching of Isabelle.

Thanks to this clear branding and profiling, I already attract more ideal clients and opportunities.  Isabelle really empowered me as an entrepreneur.

If you would consider working with Isabelle, than I absolutely would recommend her and her services. Her training and coaching gives you insight, peace of mind and confidence in yourself. Her coaching helps you to break through any blockages you might have in the process. The process is not always easy since it confronts you with your essence as a business owner. But because of her step-by-step process, it's very doable.

The intensive coaching day, as a component of the 6-month program, was very intense, but very feasible and efficient because of the structure of it. It was almost unbelievable to see how much we accomplished in that one day.

The 1-on-1 coaching is very good for me. I learned a lot and it was fun.

I'm very happy that I met Isabelle and that i decided to participate in her 6 month program. I learned a lot and I look forward to the rest of it and to start my own High End Program.

I certainly will work again with Isabelle in the future!"

The coaching conversations with Isabelle about my company are always inspiring. The enthusiasm and realism of Isabelle give a fresh look on business issues where I tend to go in circles. Thanks to her generous and broad knowledge and experience, she can give you a push in the right direction fast. I strongly recommend her.”

“From her experience Isabelle brings new ideas that help you as a client to take decisions fast that you do not regret afterwards. I admire her commitment, fast reaction and follow up.”


“Isabelle is a hands-on, no-nonsense and very flexible sparing mate and business coach for small and medium sized companies. She also helped with the online and the offline communication. She can help you start from scratch or improve your existing marketing communications.”


Testimonial Erik Van Vooren

“Nicely surprised of the quick and friendly service of Isabelle! I am really happy with the end result and the good cooperation!"

Peggy Buyl

Business Owner Ella Versa  Beauty & Nail Salon


“It’s always good times to work with Isabelle. Because she listens carefully and thanks to her experience and knowledge she gives strong advice that really helps you forward. Isabelle understands you easily. She is accurate and focuses on your success as a client.”

Isabelle surprised me with a very clear pathway approach, with focus on interaction and innovation. This not only vouches for her huge professionalism, but also her empathy and creativity.

“I find Isabelle’s approach very professional, with a lot of commitment and attention to direct communication. Thanks to the advice and coaching of Isabelle who really got my personality, my marketing reflects really who I am and what I stand for.“

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