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About Isabelle Verhelst

My name is Isabelle Verhelst and I’m a Business Coach and Marketing Consultant.

I help service-based entrepreneurs with expertise, coaches and consultants to:

  • Get more profitable without the overwhelm
  • Attract and enrol more ideal clients without being salesy
  • Have a bigger impact on your clients
  • While having more time to yourself
  • From wherever in the world you like

I’m in my early fifties and I’ve been around the block and back. 🙂

I’ve been where you are probably right now and that is why I know I can help you.

Graduated as a Master in Applied Economics, specialized in Marketing and General Management, it was probable that I would spend my live in Sales and Marketing, and I did…

isabelle verhelst story

In my late twenties and early thirties I was the Marketing and Sales Manager of a European High End Woman Apparel Brand for 9 years.

Four years I travelled intensively as an Area Sales Manager (Asia and Pacific) for an International Textile/Carpet Manufacturer.

Let me tell you my story…

One day I sat on this bus somewhere in the airport of Narita (Japan), when I thought…

Am I happy? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my working life? Working for somebody else who decides about what I do, when I do it etc…

The answer was a definite “NO!”.

So I decided to become self employed and started a small, one woman marketing agency, where I produced together with my small team of freelancers, websites, corporate videos, brochures, logos, etc..

Isabelle Verhelst story

About ten years later, I was overworked, totally stressed out and facing a major economic crisis that hit hard and kept on hitting.

On top of that I realised that even without an economical crisis, my business model was not right. It seemed I couldn’t go through a certain income ceiling. I was stuck at a certain income level.

After a long time of struggle and searching, pondering… it hit me…

I needed to work differently. I had to stop getting paid per time unit, or per session or even per time related package of services. That didn’t work. I overworked and had nothing serious to show for it after ten years of business.

So I sold my website client base and I started all over again.

A clean slate… I felt it was the only way. Not the easy way, but the only way to really start over again.

So I started to build my coaching business from scratch.

Some people said I had to be crazy to do that, to risk so much. To start all over again certainly at my age… 🙁

I invested seriously in training and coaching. I got certified as business and marketing coach and got acknowledged by the International Association of Women in Coaching in the USA and by the Flemish Government of Belgium as Qualified Strategy Advisor for Small and Medium Businesses.

I created my own signature coaching programs and it all went up from there.

I never stopped investing in mentors and training to make sure I kept being on the right track and updated with the latest strategies and tactics in Online Marketing, Coaching and in business in general.

They have saved me a lot of time and money not having to figure it all out myself.

I never told anybody, apart from a hand full of souls and of course you, my dear clients and prospects ;-), that I am an extraverted HSP (highly sensitive person like 15 to 20% of the world population). If you read books about it, than you know that we process everything in greater detail (what we see, hear, feel, etc..) so that we can get tired after a few hours of intense work.

We need our time alone to process everything in quietness.

So for me it is an extra bonus that whenever I need it, I can take a nap in between hours of work. I can take vacations when I need or want them. I decide when, where, how much I work and with whom.

… AND I get to give back to the community through my favorite charities.

That makes me even happier than all the money we coaches can and do make.

Because Ladies… and heart-centred men…

If you use the right business model,

And you work at it the right way,

YOU will create a serious happy making income AND have a very balanced life.

I hope I can touch your life and business a bit, so you can experience the same freedom and business success.

Here is to your happiness, freedom and profitability.

Isabelle Verhelst
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