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Do you want to attract more ideal clients?

You want more income, more impact and more free time to enjoy your live?

Are you a Service-Based Entrepreneur, expert, consultant or coach?

You have a business for years or you just started one?

Than I would like to help you..

If you are struggling with:

  • Marketing overwhelm
  • Not attracting enough or you want more ideal clients
  • Working too many hours
  • Making less income than you deserve
  • Having Not enough impact on your clients

And instead you want to:

  • Make a six figure income per year
  • Work 30 hours or less per week
  • Do the work you are born for and love doing
  • Make a better world through your clients
  • Enjoy the abundant live you love and deserve

That is exactly what I specialise in.

I help entrepreneurs, experts, consultants and coaches like you to make more money, get more ideal clients and work less hours so that you can love what you do. To help you more effectively, I created a Step-By-Step Signature System, that takes you by the hand, and helps you step-by-step to grow your income consistently so you can live a fulfilled, happy and abundant life.

more ideal clients

My Step-By-Step Signature System

  • Define Your Unique & Authentic Expertise
  • Communicate a clear Marketing Message
  • Create your lucrative Business Model
  • Package, price and sell your Expertise
  • Structure your offerings the right way
  • Attract more Ideal Clients with simple but proven Marketing Strategies

So you can provide abundantly for your family/children, do what you love, have a greater impact on your clients, built financial security and experience real freedom.

Monetise your expertise
tips to monetise expertise

I find Isabelle’s approach very professional, with a lot of commitment and attention to direct communication. Thanks to the advice and coaching of Isabelle who really got my personality, my marketing reflects really who I am and what I stand for.

Hilde De BaereLife Coach & EFT-practitioner


Isabelle is a hands-on, no-nonsense and very flexible sparing mate and business coach for small and medium sized companies. She also helped with the online and the offline communication. She can help you start from scratch or improve your existing marketing communications.”

Erik Van VoorenAuthor, EnterTrainer & Spiritual Nomade


The coaching conversations with Isabelle about my company are always inspiring. The enthusiasm and realism of Isabelle give a fresh look on business issues where I tend to go in circles. Thanks to her generous and broad knowledge and experience, she can give you a push in the right direction fast. I strongly recommend her.”

Marja Boxhoorn Author & Autism Coach

strategy session

Get the Income Breakthrough You Want..

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